Charcot shower 15 min

19 €

High-pressure and controllable water-jet massage. The shower improves blood circulation of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, and also works perfectly as anti-cellulite massage.

Underwater shower massage 20 min

19 €

Underwater manual massage stimulates blood circulation and relieves muscle tension.

Herbal pearl bath 15 min

19 €

A relaxing massage bath with aromatic and caring extracts stimulates blood circulation and calms senses.

Whirpool bath for feet 15 min

19 €

Gently massaging, improving blood circulation, reducing swelling and relieving pain foot bath with sea salt or magnesium flakes. The treatment is also ideal for elderly patients where general bath is contraindicated.

Magnesium foot treatment 40 min

32 €

The treatment begins with magnesium whirlpool bath followed by exfoliation of feet and legs up to knees with exfoliating cream enriched with magnesium. Finally, magnesium gel is applied to the feet and legs and the feet are put into warm socks until the gel absorbs. 

Oil-dispersion bath 40 min

32 €

Aromatic essential oils are sprayed evenly into the water, due to which the oil is completely absorbed into the skin. 20 minutes of bath, light massage with a special glove, and 20 minutes of relaxation.