The products by Orly and Germaine de Capuccini are used for hand and foot care.

Massage treatment for tired legs 45 min

45 €

Special treatment for tired swollen legs that ache and cramp up at night.

The treatment includes exfoliation of the feet with a scrub with marine minerals, a wrap with algae extracts and active ingredients and a foot massage. While waiting for the wrap to do its job, a scalp or hand massage is performed (20 min).

The treatment helps to detox the body and improve blood microcirculation, ensuring both immediate and long-term effects. The treatment is also ideal for pregnant women!

Classic manicure 60 min

37 €

The treatment includes trimming of the nails and cuticles, exfoliating and moisturising hands. If desired, nails can be polished or varnished with therapeutic varnish.

Hot oil manicure 60 min

42 €

The treatment soothes dry hands and cuticles, softens and nourishes the skin, moisturises dry and brittle nails. The treatment ends with a relaxing hand massage. The treatment is also suitable for men. Not suitable for gel nails.

Classic pedicure 60 min

47 €

The treatment includes a skin-softening foot bath, trimming of nails and calluses, exfoliating and moisturising feet. If desired, toenails can be polished or varnished with therapeutic varnish.

Relaxing foot treatment with warm candle oil 30 min

37 €

Feet and legs are exfoliated and massaged with warm candle oil up to the knees. Toenails or calluses on heels are not taken care of during this treatment.