Warming paraffin – ozokerite 20 min

22 €

Paraffin-ozocerite therapy represents superficial thermal treatment and is used topically in the event of muscle or joint problems.

Warming paraffin gloves 20 min

22 €

The treatment is done with peach oil, as it moisturises and restores dry and sensitive skin. Your skin will become soft and smooth. The relaxing treatment is invigorating and curative. The treatment is great for circulation problems and joint complaints. The first stage is exfoliation of hands, which is followed by a paraffin bath. The hot paraffin treatment takes 10–15 minutes. The treatment is finished with light massage.

Warming paraffin socks 20 min

22 €

The treatment improves blood circulation, makes your skin soft and has a deep moisturising effect.

Paraffin with tea-tree oil eases pain and has an anti-inflammatory effect on chronic joint and muscle diseases, as well as post-traumatic changes.

Topical mud treatment 20 min

22 €

Heated mud mixed with camelina oil and peat is placed on the problematic area: back, elbows, wrists, knees or legs.
Indications: rheumatic diseases, chronic joint and muscle inflammations, chronic skin diseases (psoriasis). After treatment, it is recommended to rest.